Joe Biden Wants Bipartisan Unity Against Big Tech

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has expressed concern over the collection, sharing and exploitation of personal data by some of the leading tech companies in America.

President Biden urged both Democrats and Republicans to come together to pass legislation to hold Big Tech accountable for its actions.

Joe Biden Wants Unity Against Big Tech

US President Joe Biden highlighted the risks that Big Tech poses to Americans, including the collection of large amounts of personal data and the use of this data to direct users towards extreme and polarizing content. Big Tech companies have also been accused of allowing abusive and criminal conduct on their platforms, as well as stifling competition by elbowing small businesses out from their platforms or charging them high prices.

In order to address these challenges, President Biden has embraced three broad principles for reform:

The first principle is for serious federal protections for Americans’ privacy, including clear limits on how companies can collect, use and share highly personal data. The second principle is for Big Tech companies to take responsibility for the content they spread and the algorithms they use, which includes reforming Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Lastly, Biden aims to bring more competition back to the tech sector by promoting a level playing field for small and midsized businesses.

Joe Biden emphasized the importance of holding Big Tech accountable to ensure that the American tech industry continues to lead the world in cutting-edge innovation while also protecting the rights of American citizens. The US President has urged Congress to act on this issue as soon as possible.


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